PETROLIA (KFDX/KJTL) — For almost 20 years in Texoma, Coach Pat Maxwell spent time on the diamond coaching and getting the best out of people. Off the field, he was seen as caring about others just as much as he cared about his players on the field.

“Legend is not too big of a word for him. He’s left a great impact,” longtime friend and Windthorst coach Scott Belcher said.

An impact that’s left a long-standing tradition in Texoma.

The longtime high school baseball coach spent nearly two decades coaching between Petrolia and Archer City.

“He’s aggressive and kids loved to play for him. You could tell the kids loved him and played hard for him and that’s all you can ask. You can tell by how many kids come back to see him later after they graduate. The effect he had on them,” Belcher said.

A role model significant to longtime Belcher so much that even his kids called him Uncle Pat.

Maxwell began his career in Petrolia where he spent three seasons. The next decade he would spend in Archer City leading the baseball team to a state title in 2007.

“We lost one our best players in Andrew and for me, he was my warmup partner since my freshman year and Coach Maxwell was there to warm up with me the day after that accident happened and that had a big impact on me, and for you know the season he pushed us really hard,” Blaine Willett said, who was part of the 2007 state team.

Blaine Willet to this day followed Coach Maxwell. From when he went to Godley and back to Petrolia.

“If you wanted to win, hire Pat Maxwell,” baseball umpire and longtime friend Scott Cannon said.

A desire that Cannon said has been a part of Maxwell throughout his career.

“You can play the game, but that doesn’t mean you can teach the game. And he genuinely cared about the game, he had a passion for the game, and he wanted to make sure you did it right,” Cannon said.

A coach with high expectations for players on and off the field, but still able to poke some fun.

“He just was always like, ‘Willett, why couldn’t you hit .600 like me.” And, I always thought that was really funny. You know Coach Maxwell was always such a great athlete and stuff. We all tried to be as good as him, obviously, it was pretty tough to uphold his standard,” Willett said.

Petrolia and Archer City were scheduled to play in a district baseball game Friday, April 21. That game has been postponed.