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A Texoma museum once listed by true west magazine as one of the top ten western museums in the country, is undergoing major renovations. The Red River Valley Museum started the first phase of the renovations in 2014 and the last phase is expected to be completed in 2023.

The Red River Valley museum is a place where kids and adults can come to learn.  Executive Director Sherry Yoakum favorite part, is the kids. “I can’t tell you the excitement and the delight you see on children’s faces and that’s my, that’s my passion,” she said.

In order to have the people to continue to come back the chair of the redesign committee, Staley Heatly, knew it was time to make some changes. “The museum was built in this location in 1985 and that’s when they opened their doors and it hasn’t been remodeled since then in a major redesign so we decided in 2014 that it was time for us to start with the lobby and the m.K. Berry gallery and renovate the entire museum and bring it up to today’s standards,” he said.

The museum is undergoing a three phase project. Phase one they finished the lobby and the M.K. Berry room, phase two they are redesigning the bond gallery, and phase three they will be redesigning the Waggoner Ranch room. 

Executive Director Yoakum wanted the museum to not just a place with great visual pieces but a place where you can learn something too. “What we are trying to do is make it a fun educational experience where children don’t just want to come because of the animals but they learn in a fun way,” Yoakum said.

If you’d like to see phase one of the remodel, the museum is open Tuesday through Saturday.

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