Republican 13th district candidates debate term limits, George Floyd ahead of run-off elections

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WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The Republican 13th District Congressional candidates faced off in a debate Monday as we get closer to early voting in the run-off election.

It was hosted by the Wichita County Republican Party.

The debate started off with questions from the party’s chairperson but then the floor was open to audience members and the topic the candidates seemed most passionate about was term limits.

“If you are so committed to doing it you need to tell the folks here that you’re going to not stay for more than eight to ten years either,” 13th District Congressional Candidate Ronny Jackson said.

“If you’ve got in your seventh year you become chairman of a committee are you going to just serve for just one year as chairman of that committee and then leave?” 13th District Congressional Candidate Josh Winegarner asked Jackson.

George Floyd’s death and national debt were just two of a number of topics that were asked in the debate hosted by the Wichita County Republican Party as Jackson and Winegarner went head-to-head.

“As a tax payer, I am not gonna pay for what’s going on out in the west coast,” Jackson said.

“We cannot use federal resources to rebuild these cities where the local governments and state governments have not done the job they’re supposed to be doing,” Winegarner said.

But it was an audience members question regarding the candidate’s opinions regarding term limits that really ruffled feathers.

Winegarner responded first saying he signed the term limit pledge and believes in new blood and new ideas.

“One thing though that I want to make clear is that it needs to be across the board because I certainly don’t want our representative to be term-limited when Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and others aren’t,” Winegarner said.

Jackson approached next fired up saying he does not intend on being a career politician.

“We have to hold politicians accountable and they have to do something besides signing a useless piece of paper that said they’ll support legislation that’s never ever going to happen,” Jackson said.

Winegarner rebuts saying if they give up before they start then nothing will be accomplished.

Both gentlemen believe they are the right representative for the 13th district.

KFDX is its own debate with the candidates on Wednesday.

A debate will also be aired with the Democratic Candidates Greg Sagan and Gus Trujillo.

Darrell Franklin will serve as one of the moderators.

We hope you’ll join us Wednesday night, June 24 starting at 7:00 p.m. on KFDX.

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