Residents complain about tall grass, weeds on neighbors lawn

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With the temperature rising and mosquito season buzzing along, uncut grass is just an invitation for pesky insects to stay. The McCoy’s say every year, as the weather gets hotter and snake and mosquito season arrives, their neighbor’s yard gives them issues and it’s gone too far. 

On a beautiful summer day, the McCoy’s enjoy sitting on their front porch, enjoying the sun while watching their beautiful flowers grow, but they say unwanted guests prevent them from doing just that

Tim McCoy told us, “Mosquitoes are terrible, really big ‘ole black mosquitoes and they haven’t sprayed over here in I don’t know when.” 

McCoy and his wife Martina say their neighbor’s front lawn is attracting mosquitoes and other insects

He said, “We got a bunch of weeds and bushes and trees and they haven’t been cut in years, to tell the truth about it.” 

City officials say a homeowner must follow the city ordinances related to weeds and grass.

Dana Schoening, Director of Community Development said, “Weeds and grass once they rise to over nine inches tall, that’s the minimum allowed height for weeds and grass.” 

If there’s property with grass about a foot tall like the vacant home on Elwood Street, homeowners will likely get a visit from a city code enforcement officers.

Schoening continued to say, “In many cases though we may not see some of the properties so it’s good to have our citizens out there looking at things, and typically we’ll have a lot of citizen complaint come through our phone, or through the website under report concern.”  

The McCoy’s say this issue has been going on since the tenants moved out years ago.

McCoy told us, “There are piles of clothes, instead of taking them to the salvation army and giving it to somebody, they left them back there and it’s still back there right today and the weeds have covered it up.” 

Schoening said, “If the property’s not taken care of, there are recourses that the city can take that could cost the property owner some money down the line if they don’t comply so it’s in the best interest really to maintain the property.” 

50 years in their home, the McCoy’s hope to finally be able to enjoy their front porch soon without these unwanted guests.

Schoening said residents can either call the code enforcement office or visit their website to report any complaint. 

To report a complaint, you can simply call 940.761.8841 or visit REPORT A VIOLATION

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