WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — Several Wichita County election watchdogs and residents again took their complaints about alleged missing records, ballot discrepancies, and open records violations connected to the 2020 election to county commissioners Monday, March 20, 2023, and one said she has filed a formal complaint with the state attorney general.

The residents repeated their request for an independent, outside audit of the election which they say is being ignored.

Annie Jackson told the commissioners she has grounds and could if she chose to file a lawsuit for failure of county officials to produce material asked for in an open records request last year.

One of the recurring complaints of critics is that their investigation shows there were more votes than there were voters in that election.

Another allegation of one resident is that they viewed a nine-hour video of people not signing in or out of the room the ballots were in and taking boxes out of the view of the camera.

Danny Breegle, who said he was an election judge for 25 years, said they have indisputable evidence of serious issues with the 2020 election and an outside audit is critical, because “you can’t have the fox guarding the hen house.”

Critics have also asked that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate the election and alleged criminal violations by an elected official.

County officials in the past said the search for missing election records was continuing. Critics and some officials disagree on if crimes were committed or it was just sloppy and unprofessional record storage by the past county clerk.