TEXOMA (KFDX/KJTL) — The University Interscholastic League released their new class alignments for the State of Texas, moving 8 Texoma schools to new classifications and scrambling several local districts.

The UIL classifies schools based on the number of students enrolled, from the smallest schools classified as 1A to the largest schools classified as 6A.

Each letter classification is split into two divisions, with the larger schools in Division 1 and the smaller schools in Division 2.

Seven Texoma schools moved down to a new class:

  • Wichita Falls High School — Down from 5A D2 to 4A D1, missed new threshold by 1 student
  • Hirschi High School — Down from 4A D1 to 4A D2
  • Iowa Park High School — Down from 4A D2 to 3A D1
  • Vernon High School — Down from 4A D2 to 3A D1
  • Nocona High School — Down from 3A D2 to 2A D1, missed new threshold by 1 student
  • Newcastle — Down from 1A D1 to 1A D2
  • Crowell — Down from 1A D1 to 1A D2

The lone Texoma high school to move up in classification was Olney High School, staying in 2A but moving from a Division II team to a Division I team.

The new classifications shake up current Texoma districts, creating new rivalries and diluting others.

Most notably, the annual rivalry game between Rider and Old High will not be a district game.

While this isn’t the first time Rider and Old High aren’t in the same classification, it does mean with the new high schools set to open in 2024, the final rivalry games between Rider and Old High won’t count for each team’s district records.

Several other classic area rivalries will no longer be district games:

  • Hirschi vs. Burkburnett (Hirschi moved down)
  • Graham vs. Iowa Park or Vernon (Iowa Park and Vernon moved down)
  • Nocona vs. Jacksboro, Holliday, Henrietta, or City View (Nocona moved down)
  • Olney vs. Windthorst, Archer City, Seymour, Petrolia and Quanah (Olney moved up)
  • Crowell or Newcastle vs. Bryson, Knox City, Northside or Saint Jo (Crowell and Newcastle moved down)

The new classifications to set up the potential for area rivalries to become district matchups:

  • Old High vs. Burkburnett
  • Hirschi vs. Graham
  • Iowa Park vs. Bowie
  • Vernon vs. Bowie
  • Nocona vs. Olney
  • Crowell vs. Gold-Burg, Forestburg, Throckmorton, Woodson, Benjamin, Chillicothe, or Harrold
  • Newcastle vs. Gold-Burg, Forestburg, Throckmorton, Woodson, Benjamin, Chillicothe, or Harrold

New district maps will not be released by the UIL until February 2022.

Please find the full list of the new classifications for Texoma high schools below:

2022-2024 Classifications for Texoma High Schools

School Name2020-2022 Class2022-2024 Class
Rider High School5A D25A D2
Wichita Falls High School5A D2↓ 4A D1 ↓
Hirschi High School4A D1↓ 4A D2 ↓
Burkburnett High School4A D14A D1
Graham High School4A D24A D2
Iowa Park High School4A D2↓ 3A D1 ↓
Vernon High School4A D2↓ 3A D1 ↓
Bowie High School3A D13A D1
Jacksboro High School3A D23A D2
City View High School3A D23A D2
Nocona High School3A D2↓ 2A D1 ↓
Holliday High School3A D23A D2
Henrietta High School3A D23A D2
Petrolia High School2A D22A D2
Windthorst High School2A D22A D2
Archer City High School2A D22A D2
Olney High School2A D2↑ 2A D1 ↑
Quanah High School2A D22A D2
Seymour High School2A D22A D2
Electra High School1A D11A D1*
Munday High School1A D11A D1*
Bryson1A D11A D1
Newcastle1A D1↓ 1A D2 ↓
Saint Jo1A D11A D1
Crowell1A D1↓ 1A D2 ↓
Knox City1A D11A D1
Northside1A D11A D1
Gold-Burg1A D21A D2
Forestburg1A D21A D2
Throckmorton1A D21A D2
Woodson1A D21A D2
Benjamin1A D21A D2
Chillicothe1A D21A D2
Harrold1A D21A D2
* = Plays 11-man football in 2A D2 district Bold = Change in classification = Moved down = Moved up