WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Monday is the day when kids all across the country will put on their favorite costumes and hit the streets, going door to door in search of their favorite candy.

But, are you prepared to keep your kids and your whole family safe? Here is a list of things you should be on the lookout for.

“They are pretty good at masking this stuff and to make it look like whatever they want to make it look like,” substance use director at Helen Farabee Brad Fisk said.

We’ve all heard about Fentanyl disguised as candy. This is something that may not be an issue in kids’ Halloween baskets but it could be a danger at Halloween parties.

“As far as candy goes, it’s going to come in a package,” Fisk said. “Those types of things that look like normal Skittles. So, those types of things like maybe eating candy out of a candy bowl or something like that, maybe you would want to reframe from that or serving it that way.”

If your child does become exposed to Fentanyl, there are signs you should look out for.

“Unresponsiveness, awake but unable to talk, your body very limp, face is pale and clammy, blue lips, fingernails, and skin,” Fisk said.

Some other symptoms are your breathing is slow, your pulse is slow, or you are making choking-type sounds. If you see those symptoms, call 911 immediately. But that isn’t the only thing parents need to be aware of.

In fact, a study in 2019 looked at the week before Halloween and the week after Halloween and it showed the risk for pedestrian fatalities is 43% higher on Halloween compared to any of the other evenings.

“I think people around here have been careful over the years,” WFPD Sgt. Charlie Eipper said. “They are doing the same thing this year, they are actually taking the initiative in some of these areas where we see a higher volume of people traveling across town to go and do their trick or treating. Those areas are actually taking the initiative to hire off-duty officers or security from other companies or other agencies to come out and work that to keep it safe.”

So, some tips if you go trick or treating, go while it’s still light outside and provide your kids with flashlights or reflective gear. But those are just some of the tips, Eipper said parents should also do one other key thing.

“Talk to them before you go out there,” Eipper said. “Do not cross the street without me, do not run out across the street, do not get ahead of me just keep them close.”

In the end, this is the time to throw on your favorite costume, enjoy some scary movies, eat all of the candy your little heart desires, and most importantly have a happy Halloween.

Eipper also said it’s not just up to the pedestrians to keep themselves safe, he said drivers need to be aware as well. He said to drive slower, roll your windows down and also turn your music down while driving so you can hear better.