Road to Recovery: Organization focuses on second-chances for recovering addicts

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In 2014 more than 16 million adults had an alcohol use disorder, and that number has risen ever since. In 2015, 27 million Americans said they have misused prescription opioids or illegal drugs.

That’s where The Hope Center Ministries come in.

This faith-based ministry program focuses on second chances, and they’ve even partnered up with one local business aiming to do the same. 

Zack Bownds wakes up every morning and gets dressed and heads to work. But he didn’t always have this opportunity.

“Zack Bownds came to work for us and he started off as a great employee, a hard-working gentleman. Unfortunately, he took a turn in life, went down a rabbit hole that led him away from us,” Chantex Owner Ray Roberts said.

Robert had to let Bownds go because of his drug addiction. It only got worse from there leading Bownds through a series of run-ins with the law, but that changed when he discovered The Hope Center.

“I couldn’t do it on my own. So, I was able to receive help through them and through God and the power of the holy spirit,” Bownds said.

After speaking with Bownds for a short time, Campus Director of The Hope Center Royse Vaughn said that’s when he saw something special happening.

“He wasn’t ready. There weren’t no bags packed, there wasn’t anything that led me to believe that he was coming with me,” Vaughn said. “I’ll never forget it because it was my birthday and I feel like what better birthday present than this? To see somebody lost and broken and to come to a place like this and be found.”

With recovery comes getting back into the work environment, so Roberts and Vaughn got in contact with each other sparking up something that will change several lives in the future, including Bownds’. A second chance.

“I pretty much had come to grips that they had given up on me. But to see that they were willing to give me a second chance and to see that I was sober it was just an eye-opener on what all God can do in your life,” Bownds said.

Roberts said much like welding, some people need a little more care put into them.

“They kind of had a rough life, you know, a rough past and what the hope center and companies in this area are trying to do is basically start over. Grind them down, gouge out whatever junk and garbage that was in their life and start over,” Roberts said.

With more tools and support than Bownds has ever had, he’s excited about this new journey. 

“God is good,” Bownds said.

If someone could use drug or alcohol counseling, contact Royse Vaughn at The Hope Center at 940-249-6005.

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