WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — One of two defendants charged in a 2018 armed robbery of a Wichita Falls grocery has pleaded guilty to that charge and also a home invasion robbery in which the victim was hit in the head with a gun and forced to open a safe.

According to records, Tyrone Davis’s jury trial was to begin Tuesday, but he pleaded guilty and received five years in prison for both robberies.

Wichita County Jail

His prison sentence however will be reduced with the little over three years he has spent in jail. His original bond was $1 million on each charge.

The S&L Beer, Wine and Grocery on Southwest Parkway was held up in December 2018 by two masked robbers who took money from the safe and register, Swisher Sweet Cigars and Newport cigarettes.

His other conviction is for a home invasion on Nov. 27, 2018, on Gilbert.

The victim said three masked men came in and he was hit in the head with a gun, forced to open a safe and then tied up. The robbers got away with $4,500 cash, a gun and a car.

The stolen car was spotted by police that night and one suspect was arrested after a chase.

Police say Davis got away on foot after another car chase but was arrested the next day.

Another defendant has his trial set for Jan. 31.