WICHITA COUNTY (KFDX/KJTL) — A suspect in an armed robbery and home invasion who has been jailed since December of 2018 on successively lower bonds asks once again for a lower bond but is denied.

Trial has now been set for January 3 for Tyron Davis for armed robbery and the home invasion.

Wichita County Jail

According to records, Davis originally had two $1 million bonds then was granted a reduction to $500,000 bonds.

His current bonds are now $100,000 and on Friday another bond hearing was held in which he requested a lower bond, saying he could afford $2,500 bonds. The motion was denied.

In November 2018 a resident of a home on Gilbert found three masked men in the house. He was hit in the head with a gun and forced to open a safe before being tied up. The robbers got away with $4,500, guns and a Hyundai.

A few days later police officers said Davis and another man police said was also involved in the Gilbert robbery held up the S&L Beer Wine and Grocery on Southwest Parkway, taking money from the register and the safe, Swisher Sweet cigars and Newport cigarettes.

On Dec. 7, police officers got information on the suspect’s location and tried to stop a vehicle on Oceola but both suspects fled.

Police said Davis got away but was arrested several days later.

Davis has a previous aggravated robbery charge in which he and two men were accused of forcing their way in to a motel room with guns and taking all the money in the room before shooting the victim.

His record shows no conviction in that case.

Davis has filed several pro se motions in his current cases asking for lower bonds and a speedy trial.