WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Ahead of the District 13 Congressional runoff, COVID-19 is a hot topic for candidates.

On Thursday, Republican candidate Ronny Jackson met with voters for a meet & greet at P’s Crazy Cars Museum.

Joining him was Medal of Honor recipient and former Navy Seal Michael Thornton.

Jackson also weighed in on COVID-19.

“We gotta get kids back to school, we gotta get people back to work, we’ve gotta take the politics out of this, there’s still a lot of politics in this right now,” Jackson said.

At the meet and greet, Jackson and Thornton were given a special gift.

Jantzen Davoult owns a metal art business and wanted to make something for President Donald Trump.

His dad was able to get in touch with Jackson to ask if he’d be willing to present the gift to Trump.

The art is an American flag with the president’s name on it.

Jackson and Thornton received one of their own.

The other Republican candidate, Josh Winegarner also sharing his thoughts on COVID-19 and reopening schools.

Students need to be back in classrooms this fall, and we must do it in a way that is safe for them, their teachers, and their families,” Winegarner said. “The guidelines from the CDC are just that, guidelines for state and local decision-makers to use in charting the path to getting our classrooms up and running again.”

“My wife and I will have our kids back in their classrooms in August, and I know that Districts throughout Texas are making plans for classroom learning as well as virtual learning options for students as necessary,” Winegarner added.