WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — After winning his election in November, Ronny Jackson is the newest Congressman in District 13.

Jackson replaces longtime Congressman Mac Thornberry who stepped down from the position after 26 years.

And Jackson said he’s ready to get to work.

“I’m gonna be on the AG Committee and it’s my hope I’m gonna be on the Armed Services Committee. I’m gonna make sure that I’m protecting oil and gas in this district, I’m protecting farmers and ranchers,” Jackson said.

Jackson’s first order of business will be contesting the Electoral College’s results on January 6 because he and other representatives believe there has been election fraud.

“I think that overwhelmingly that President Trump won this election. I think that the other evidence surrounding it just from the other elections is undisputed. There’s a bigger picture here now. This is about saving our country right now,” Jackson said.

Because of Jackson joining this contest and new Democratic administration entering the White House, his opponent in the race for the position, Gus Trujillo, thinks the challenge for Jackson will be working with the other side.

“I think people want to see ‘ok. Now you’re in office. Can you get stuff done because we don’t want somebody just to make a bunch of noise in DC? We actually want somebody to help us here not only in the Panhandle but in the Texoma region,” Trujillo said.

Shirley Craft of the Wichita County Republican Women said Jackson will have big shoes to fill with Thornberry leaving office.

She hopes Jackson will remember the things Thornberry stood for.

“We just want him to remember Texas and what we stand for. Keep our taxes low, be conservative,” Craft said. “Make sure that the people that have suffered through COVID get the aid that they need in a very targeted way,” Craft said.

While Jackson said he’s excited to be in office, this is no time for celebration.

“There will be times to celebrate later. We’ve got to get this country on the right track again and that’s what’s most important,” Jackson said.

Getting the country on track and representing the 13th Congressional District are Ronny Jackson’s plans for 2021.

Jackson also said he plans to protect and grow the defense industry in the area with places like Sheppard Air Force Base.

UPDATE: Sunday, December 3, 5:45 p.m.

Ronny Jackson has officially been sworn in as a member of the United States House of Representatives on Sunday, January 3.

Jackson released the following statement after he was sworn in as Congressman of District 13.

“I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution when I joined the Navy over 25 years ago. Today I took that oath again, this time to serve my country in Congress. My strong sense of service and duty will guide me as I work with my new colleagues to tackle the historic challenges facing our country. To the hardworking men and women of Texas’ 13th Congressional District, I cannot thank you enough for trusting me to be your voice in Washington. I will fight every day to uphold the conservative Texas values we hold dear.”

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Ronny Jackson will be sworn in to be one of Texoma’s newest representatives on Sunday.

Jackson will be replacing Mac Thornberry as Congressman of District 13.

Thornberry retired in 2020 after being in office for 26 years.

Jackson’s first action in Congress will be to contest the Electoral College results on January 6. He also said he will protect oil and gas in the district along with the defense industry.

“We’re protecting and growing the defense industry in this district whether it’s Sheppard Air Force Base, Bell Helicopter, Pantex things of that nature. I want to be a big part of getting the culture in this country. I want to re-establish just a patriotic sense that we used to have in this country that we seem to have lost over the last year or so,” Jackson said.