LAWTON, OK (KFDX/KJTL)—For more than four decades, hundreds of veterans have been making a cross-country trip in honor of the countless lives lost during the Vietnam War, but for the first time ever, the Run for the Wall riders made a pit stop along their nearly 27-hundred-mile journey right here in Texoma.

These hundreds of riders are actually headed to the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C., and making their halfway stop in Fort Sill, these men and women were received with open arms.

Whether it’s riding thousands of miles, praying, giving thanks, or offering peace and love, those who fought so hard for our freedom and never returned home are never forgotten.

“We, patriots, veterans, feel that there needs to be accountability for all POWs and M.I.A.’s so this is a yearly trek across our nation to make sure we have full accountability,” Wilkins said.

The Run for the Wall riders along with Midway Route Coordinator, Jerry Wilkins were greeted by the Kiowa Comanche Apache Nation as well as government officials, making this the first time the group has stopped at a military installation.

“It’s totally humbling, it’s a privilege and as you know we went to the Chief’s Knoll, and it was quite an experience, and like I said very humbling,” Wilkins said.

Wilkins encourages more veterans and patriots to reach out to become a part of their organization, increasing the impact the riders are making.

“We owe our veterans so much if they did not pay the ultimate sacrifice for what we have today we would not have the opportunity to be standing here, I am not a veteran, but I feel in my heart that we need to pay our respect for those who went before us,” Wilkins said.

So that we may never forget.

For more information on the Run for the Wall and how you can help the organization continue its mission of raising awareness for our fallen soldiers, click here.