Ryan officials work to restore water after going without since Thursday

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The city of Ryan, Oklahoma, is under a voluntary boil order after the entire town has been without water since Thursday and officials closed schools Monday following the city-wide water pipeline issue.

We spoke with Pubworks Superintendent Dave Smith this afternoon, and he says officials have been working continuously to get the problem fixed.

Smith says there is an air pocket in the water pipelines and the affected area reached about a 3-mile radius, and they are not sure when the issue will be fixed.

Smith also asks residents to contact the city hall to let them know where the affected area is, so officials can identify if the air is moving and affecting other areas.

As of now, Smith said the city of Ryan is under a voluntary boil order until further notice for any areas that might have water.

“Until we get the system unlocked with air, it’s just a continuous fight,” Smith said. “There’s two employees, and we’ve been working 24 hours a day since Thursday night.”

As a precaution, city leaders are advising residents  to bring the water to a full, rolling boil for at least one minute before using it.

A Ryan resident notified KFDX Friday Saturday morning that areas had been without water since Friday, but Smith said city officials noticed the issue Thursday night and have been working “pretty much 24-hour non-stop,” since discovering the issue. 

Residents can call the City Clerk’s office at 580-757-2277 to alert of affected areas as well as receive gallons of water while they work to fix the issue. 

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