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As of Friday, Wichita Falls had seen eight straight days over 100 degrees and doctors are seeing more and more patients coming in with heat-related illnesses.

“We see at least in the summer months, especially with the Hotter’N Hell bike race coming, I would say at least one or two a day,” said Practicing Emergency Medical Doctor Ram Selvaraj. 

There are some noticeable symptoms to keep an eye on.

“There’s a whole spectrum we see with heat exhaustion. Usually starts with muscle cramps and excessive sweating and people feel nauseated, headache and extreme fatigue and tiredness,” Selvaraj said. “Sometimes, they can actually pass out.”

General Manager of Mataska Roofing Brian Crowe says they have to make changes to keep their employees safe.

“Lots of water, lots of Gatorade. Take more breaks,”” Crowe said. “Making sure everyone is feeling good and not getting overheated. Just kind of paying attention to what your body is telling you to do. If it’s telling you to sit down you are about to pass out then you probably ought to sit down.”

With the heat and medical issues, those at Mataska Roofing are re-arranging their work schedules to avoid the excessive heat.

“With it being summertime, the sun comes up earlier and we can start, we will start at like 6:30 versus early in the spring not so light then,” Crowe said. “So, for sure start quite a bit earlier. Maybe take a break during the hottest part of the day and catch it back up in the evening.”

Selvaraj says if you have to be out in the heat your clothing is important.

“Light-colored clothes are better than dark-colored clothes because they reflect the sun. Darker the color they absorb the heat. So, white is probably the best color I would recommend,” Selvaraj said. “Also, very loose and where there is space between the cloth and your skin so there is room for air to get in and sweat as well.” 

Doctors are urging people to keep an eye on friends and family for any signs of heat-related illnesses.

Also, when it comes to rehydrating doctors reccomend reaching for a glass of water over Gatorade or other sports drinks. Most want to go to Gatorade or other sports drinks because of the flavor, but water is what will keep you the most hydrated.

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