TEXOMA (KFDX/KJTL) — In this heat, it’s very important for parents to pay attention to how their children may be reacting to the weather.

It’s typical to spend mroe time outside this time of year with schools being out and more vacations, but being outside for too long could affect your health.

Dehydration and heat exhaustion are a few things to be cautious of.

When going to parks, pools or anywhere else in the summertime heat, always be prepared. Making sure you have the right equipment and even the right colored clothes makes a difference.

“They should wear light-colored, loose clothing on hot days and use sunscreen when outdoors,” Child Protective Services Child Fatality Specialist Auberia Stephenson said.

Sometimes the heat can be a silent killer, so hydrating is key.

“Some of the key factors to being safe is just teaching kids to drink plenty of liquids before and during an activity, even when they’re not thirsty,” Stephenson said.

According to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, five children have died in hot cars this year.

Heat stroke is the second leading cause of vehicle-related deaths, so always make sure to Look Before You Lock.

“Allowing a baby or a child to stay outside for too long in hot weather, riding in hot cars or sitting in a parked car can cause their body temperatures to rise,” Stephenson said.

As a parent, you should check the temperature and monitor outdoor activity constantly to avoid heat exhaustion.

“On hot and humid days, limit their outdoor activity during the hottest parts of the day,” Stephenson said. “Also teaching the kids to just come inside and rest.”

Having proper clothing, sunscreen and water are important, but the best way to be safe in the heat is to just stay out of it.