WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — There’s only one way to describe the weather in Texas these days: it’s extremely hot. And with no end in sight, local organizations and businesses are doing all they can to keep all of Texoma cool.

“It’s very hot out there, and we’re trying to reach out and meet the needs of the community, and of course Channel Three has been very helpful with us, giving fans to help give out to the community,” Major Joe Burton of the Salvation Army said.

Serving the community is the at the center of the Salvation Army, and Major Joe Burton said that’s why on these hot days they’ll also be operating as a cooling station for anyone to stop in if they need a break from this heat.

“It does matter to them, especially if they can come in and just get a drink of water, you know,” Burton said. “It is good for us to be able to help them and be in collaborative efforts with other people in the community as well.”

Others, like the team over at Harvest Drug and Gift, witnessed something pretty amazing happen during the fan drive.

“We had a wonderful couple pull up in front of our store; they appeared to be in their nineties, the gentleman got out of his car slowly with his oxygen, pulling his oxygen tank, came into the store, we thought he was going to the pharmacy, but he came into the store and asked, ‘Where do I donate fans?’,”Janet Beard of Harvest Drug and Gift said.

Beard said she asked herself, if someone in their nineties can come out into this heat to make a difference in their community, we all can.

“It just makes your heart warm, and it lets us know what our community can do, which challenges us to ask you can you do the same?” Beard said. “We would love to have fans donated here to Harvest Drug that are going to get into the right hands to help people.”

So what are the requirements?

“Just brand new, in the box, and we’re here from nine [a.m.] to four [p.m.] each day, and they can just bring it in, drop it off and we’ll make sure somebody who needs it gets it,” Burton said.

You can drop off at Harvest Drug every day until 6 p.m., and when you come drop off your fan, they say stay a while.

“If they need to cool off, we’ve got that air conditioner going, we’ve got some ice cream, we’ve got some cookies, and we’ll reward you for bringing in that fan,” Beard said.

But there’s no greater reward than knowing you’re helping your community.

You can also drop off those brand new boxed fans right here to the KFDX studio located at 4500 Seymour Highway, and we’ll get them to where they need to go.

For Hours of Operation for the Salvation Army, click here. For Hours of Operation for Harvest Drug & Gift, click here.