UPDATE: Dustin Nails makes another escape attempt at the hospital

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Update: Tuesday, February 23, 5:20 p.m.

A man who eluded authorities for almost two weeks and was captured after he slid into mud during a high-speed chase Monday, also escaped officers at the hospital where he had been taken to be checked out.

Dustin Nails, 34, is now in jail on more than $150,000 bonds.

Nails was taken into custody on lower Charlie Road in Clay County after a chase lasting 16 minutes that began on the east side of Wichita Falls.

Deputies and police involved in the chase said Nails slid in the mud going west on Fleming School Road and the Hyundai Sonata went off the road.

When he complained of chest pains he was taken to the hospital to be checked and when cleared, officers were escorting him to a patrol car to be taken to jail when they said Nails took off running west on 10th.

An officer fired his taser at Nails and said one probe hit him in the upper back and the other hit him in his hamstring.

Officers said Nails fell to the ground and before officers could get him restrained he tried to get up and run.

An officer said he told nails to stay down but nails refused so the officer fired his taser for another complete cycle, and officers were able to get him in custody again.

The search for Nails began February 9 after a woman was reportedly abducted from a house on Lawrence Road.

Police said they have evidence the woman, who was reported to be Nails girlfriend, is safe.

Last year Nails was charged with burglary of his former rent house on collins in august. Police said air conditioners were stolen and taken to the home of his girlfriend’s mother.

A realtor said when he went to the rent house, he found doors forced open and the name of Nails’ girlfriend was spray-painted on the wall.

On January 19 police said a witness reported Nails was assaulting his girlfriend on Harlan and when officers arrived, he took off running.

An officer said he was about to catch nails when Nails dived into an abandoned car and when the officer got to him, he went out the other side and took off running again.

The officer said he yelled at Nails to put his hands up and Dustin yelled back that his hands were up and kept running.

Police said Nails jumped multiple fences and got away.

Wichita Falls police officers continue to search for a suspect and possible abduction victim from an incident on Lawrence Road Tuesday, Feb. 9.

The suspect, Dustin Nails, has several outstanding warrants for other charges and is now wanted to burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit an assault.

A second suspect, Amanda Slaughter, was arrested later that day after officers located her on Old Iowa Park Road by pinging a cell phone.

She is charged with burglary of a habitation for the incident on Lawrence Road.

Police are also investigating an arson of a vehicle at that location earlier that morning.

According to the affidavit on Slaughter’s arrest, a woman in the 2600 block of Lawrence Road reported around 10:30 Tuesday morning that Dustin Nails kicked in the door of her home.

She said she was in the bathroom and did not see him come in but recognized his voice.

She said she heard her friend Mystica Granado yell “let go of my hair!”

She said she saw Dustin shoving Granado into a white truck driven by a white female.

She also was able to provide police with possible cell phone numbers of both suspects.

Police began “pinging” those numbers and traced one to the 2600 block of Old Iowa Park road and found Slaughter and arrested her.

They learned she had called for a ride to Burnett Street and when police went there they found the white truck.

The owner of that truck told police she had loaned it to Nails and Slaughter.

When questioned, police officers said Slaughter denied being involved with the incident on Lawrence Road, but when shown surveillance video officers obtained, she admitted being there.

Officers said the video shows her driving up in the white truck, knocking on the door and when no one answers, Nails kicks in the door.

Nails goes into the house, while Slaughter runs back to the truck.

When Nails and Granado come out, they get in the truck and it speeds away.

Officers then said Slaughter admitted they went there to get Granado and that Nails kicked in the door.

She said she drove them to a house near Armory Road and dropped them off.

If you have any information on the location of Granado or Nails, you’re asked to call the Wichita Falls Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

Nails has a lengthy arrest record including aggravated robbery, terroristic threats and assault and should be considered dangerous.

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