A second candidate is throwing his hat into the ring hoping to win your vote for 30th District Judge. This morning 78-District Court Chief Prosecutor Dobie Kosub announced he is running for Judge Bob Brotherton’s position.

He has worked in the District Attorney’s office for 16 years and says he will bring that experience and wisdom to the bench if elected. Adding he will be a fair, independent and impartial judge.

“I’ve worked hard and I’m proud of my record and I think that experience has led me to decide it’s time to seek presiding over a court in Wichita County.  Judge Brotherton, a very good man, is not going to seek re-election and I felt a calling to serve Wichita County in this capacity now,” Dobie Kosub, Running for 30th District Court Judge.

Local attorney and former prosecutor Jeff McKnight was the first to announce his running last week. He has been practicing law for more than 13 years and says he would strive to follow Judge Brotherton’s judicial approach if elected. Judge Brotherton is retiring after 29 years of service. His term ends December 31, 2018.