WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A suspect in an alleged murder in November at High Point Village Apartments has been granted a request for a lower bond.

He is the second of three suspects in that case to get granted a lower bond.

Retired Visiting Judge Jim Hogan lowered 21-year-old Kali Beal’s bond from $1 million to $175,000 Thursday.

Prosecutor Austin Hamby told the judge he agreed $1 million dollars was too high and asked for conditions to be placed on a lower bond.

Judge Hogan set the conditions including an 8 p.m. curfew, to report weekly and wear a leg monitor 24 hours a day.

Hamby put into the record that Beal was the driver and co-owner of the car that the murder occurred in, and Judge Hogan added the condition that Beal can not drive a car if he is released. Beal testified he has never obtained a driver’s license.

Hamby also said the car was cleaned after the shooting, and that the victim suffered multiple wounds in the shooting.

He also admitted evidence showing that Beal has written several letters to co-defendant Julian Byrd since their arrests.

Byrd remains jailed on his $1 million dollar bond and has other bonds for additional charges.

Demasia Delgado was released on his lowered $150,000 bond on Dec. 29.

They are all accused in last November’s shooting death of Edward Collins at High Point Village Apartments.

Police received anonymous calls and a Crime Stoppers tip identifying Byrd as a suspect.

Investigators said he and Delgado had set up a drug transaction with Collins in the apartment parking lot.

Police officers said Byrd and Delgado told them an argument led to gunfire inside Beal’s car.

They said Collins was able to crawl out a window as the car left, and tried to run but died in surgery from multiple gunshots.