Second suspect jailed for theft of more than $40,000 in tires

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A second suspect is now jailed here for the theft of more than $40,000 worth of tires from a Wichita Falls tire dealer last January.

Myra Mendiola, 31, of San Antonio is charged with engaging in organized criminal activity, theft over $30,000.

A man previously arrested, Alfonso Sosa, 37, has already been sentenced to seven years in prison.
State investigators said they believe Mendiola and Sosa could have been involved in an organized crime ring that had been targeting T&W tire stores in south Texas.

In most of the thefts, investigators said a U-Haul truck was first stolen in the same town to transport the stolen tires.

Police officers said  T&W Tire on Jacksboro Highway reported a burglary last January, and when surveillance video was reviewed, it showed a U-Haul truck backing up to the warehouse door about midnight., and then leaving after 20 minutes.

Police said the U-Haul had been stolen at the U-Haul center on Kell Boulevard.

The truck was spotted in San Antonio and followed to a lot where two men began unloading tires into another truck.

Officers said they arrested the men and found Mendiola sleeping in a Mercedes nearby. 

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