WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — What was once a popular destination back in the late 1950s, the Capri Motor Motel, now the Budget Inn, could be no more if the property owner doesn’t step forward, and do something with the dilapidated structures.

On Tuesday’s city council meeting, city officials discussed several structures that are facing demolition due to hazardous conditions, something that Neighborhood Services Manager, Rita Miller said can be fixed without losing your property, but said if the property owners don’t act fast, the city will have to step in and take over.

For years this old run-down motel has sat vacant, welcoming several trespassers and squatters, but Miller said enough is enough and it’s time for something to be done.

“We originally sent the notice in September of 2022 to notify the property owner that we were recommending demolition at that point, that notice gave that property owner 60 days to either abate the violation or come in and get a permit so that they can start the renovations,” Miller said.

And with still no word from the property owner, the property was brought before city councilors, Miller said the property owner only has 30 days left to take action.

“And then code enforcement begins their process after that point and because we used community development block grant funds we have to complete an environmental review assessment before we can proceed because of the funds we used to demolish it,” Miller said.

A process that Miller said could take up to six months. She said the property will then be handed back over to the owner, but with a hefty fee.

“We do send the property owner a bill for the demolition amount and also it includes an administration fee in that and the lien is placed on the property for the amount of the demolition and the property owner retains ownership but in order for them to sell the property, if they go through a title company that lien would have to be paid off,” Miller said.

Miller said at this point the property is only worth roughly 18-thousand dollars and says it could cost more than that to renovate it.

Miller says in all, city councilors have put 17 structures on the list that could be up for demolition. For a complete list, click here.