WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — To actively beautify declining neighborhoods in the community, the City of Wichita Falls City Council will pursue the demolition of several local structures.

After conducting a public hearing on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, the council moved to deem 11 out of 14 structures as dangerous, meaning they pose a threat of collapse, pests or illegal activity. For the 11 dangerous structures, the owners will have 30 days to either demolish or receive a restoration permit.

Two properties included in the initial report — 2009 8th St. and 1008 Austin St. — were removed from the list as the owners completed demolition prior to the council meeting.

Additionally, the property at 304 6th St. was also removed from the list as the owners have already applied for a rehabilitation permit.

The 11 structures can be located on this map, indicated by the navy ‘!’ symbol. The three structures that were removed from the list are indicated by the maroon ‘!’ symbol.

If the owners of the 11 remaining properties fail to comply with either deadline, the city will have grounds to pursue demolition without further notice from the owner or other parties.

The goal of this demolition process, according to city officials, is to accelerate economic growth by revitalizing declining neighborhoods.

To view images and learn more about Tuesday’s discussions, scroll to page 20 of the PDF or visit the City of Wichita Falls’ website.