WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The City of Wichita Falls continues to replace failing sewer lines, some of which are around a hundred years old.

The City Engineer said construction is moving to Phase 2 and possibly the last phase to complete updating sewer lines in the surrounding areas.

As the City of Wichita Falls keeps growing, issues such as sewer lines need to be upgraded to avoid serious damage in the future.

“These sewer lines that are older and older neighborhoods, they lived out their serviceable life,” City Engineer Blane Boswell said. “These were roughly 100 years old, and back then they used a clay pipe, which is very brittle, and so we have had some issues with lines having cracks on them and having some sags in them, some root intrusions, and so we come through here, we upsize the line to carry more capacity – because the exisiting lines kinda filled up all their capacity – so upsize to a larger sewer line to provide more flow through this area.”

The construction is set to begin April 18, which will require closing the northbound lanes at the Kell East frontage and Brook Avenue intersection.

“There’s availability to either detour east or west around this area,” Boswell said. “Luckily, it’s more of a localized traffic. We are not having people exit off a major thoroughfare they have to figure out where to get around, so it’s mainly our local traffic, and I think a lot of people have learned or [are] familiar to get ways to get around.”

The City of Wichita Falls Engineering Division partnered with TxDOT to help repair sewer lines and coordinate to have less closure lanes.

“We knew TxDOT was doing some repairs, so the first part was some bridge maintenance repairs that was going on,” Boswell said.

The total cost of this project was approximately $860,000. Boswell said the first portion of work is all complete, and this is the last thing left on this project, which will roughly take up to four weeks.