SEYMOUR (KFDX/KJTL) — For residents of Seymour, what started out as a small Facebook group intended to help just a few people in need has grown into something much bigger.

“We were really just kind of culminating and getting together as a group to come up with something that we could do to help out and have a bigger impact and so through Kimberly, we were really able to make this Seymour helping hands a larger group of individuals,” Seymour Helping Hands Vice President Scott Murphy said.

For the past nine months, Seymour Helping Hands has been helping the many in need in and around the area. Whether that be donating food or bicycles to children in need or giving Christmas presents, it’s something helping hands President Kimberly Stevenson says they needed in this community.

“We were just the middle man and that’s the whole point of this, to be the ones in the middle. The community does the stuff and our volunteers do the work and we just find information on what’s needed and where it’s needed,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson said dozens in the community have gotten involved, with even their youngest neighbors stepping up to volunteer.

“It makes me feel like I really do have a purpose in this community and putting effort into something other than just going to school and coming home and doing nothing it gives me something to do other than just that,” Junior Volunteer Halee Joyce said.

They all say when they see the smiles on their neighbor’s faces, they know that what they’re doing is all worth it.

“Something as simple as a Christmas present wrapped up that’s socks, I mean the face on somebody when you take them a card and a wrapped present that may have not got one, that just makes it all worthwhile,” Stevenson said.

“It like overwhelms me when I see the big smiles show up on their face when we hand them little toys and stuff,” Junior Volunteer Kloe Murphy said.

They plan to be right here in Seymour for a very long time.

“The hope is, again, the sky is the limit. We can go ahead and keep going from there and making sure that we go ahead and continue to build Seymour and even the surrounding areas and make it a world that I think we’re all going to be happier living in,” Murphy said.

The Seymour Helping Hands group hopes to have a building for the organization in 2022 and they have a fundraiser to help reach that goal. Click here to donate.