Sheppard Air Force Base airman receives high honor

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After saving two peoples lives following a wreck near Bowie, one Sheppard Air Force Base airmen was honored.

Major Justin Warner says it was an honor to receive the Airman’s Medal, but in the end, he was just doing what he felt was right. 

The Airman’s Medal was established on July 6, 1960, and is awarded to those service members or those of a friendly nation who, while serving in any capacity with the U.S. Air force, distinguish themselves by a heroic act, usually at the voluntary risk of his or her life, not involving actual combat. That’s exactly what Major Justin Warner did when he saw a car flip over and catch fire on highway 287.

“I knew they needed help and they needed it quickly especially because of the fire. So, I got there as quickly as I could. Try to help them get out of the car and away from it and luckily it all worked out,” Major Warner said. 

Moments after Major Warner pulled Stephen Paul Wolfe and his daughter out of the car, the car became engulfed in flames. Wolfe says he is thankful for Major Warner.

“God put him in place on that particular day. I mean I have no question in my mind and he’s a hero. I mean he was a hero from all of his combat actions that he had but in our eyes, he saved my life and he saved my daughter’s life,” Wolfe said. 

Major General Craig La Fave says after meeting him, this act of heroism did not surprise him.

“He distinguished graduate from several programs and so it really wasn’t a surprise in my mind when I saw his name who saved these lives,” Major General La Fave said. 

Bob and Ginger Waller are Major Warner’s parents and say they are so proud of their son. 

“It’s emotional to me. Like I said it was kind of downplayed at home with him and to kind of see all of this and exactly everything that did happen. It’s very humbling to know that your kid is that great,” Bob Waller said.

Major Warner says he is no hero, but to Wolfe and his daughter, he is the ultimate hero.

The Airman’s Medal is the Air Force‚Äôs highest non-combat award, in precedence just above the Bronze Medal and below the Distinguished Flying Cross. Major General La Fave says in his 32 years he hasn’t given the medal out one time.

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