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Over 180 Sheppard airmen opted for a lifestyle change.

Registered Dietitian, Sara Lauren Peacock said, “A lot of people who come to the challenge, initially they start out saying, I want to do it, maybe they are really competitive so they want to get with people that they work with and just win, a lot of them really want to learn something from it.” 

Bio & Environmental Tech, Senior Airman Patrick Houldridge added, “I wanted to do it because it gives you a better tracking of how you actually lose and gain weight.”

While some voluntarily chose to participate in the biggest loser challenge, it took others some convincing.

Public Health Tech, Senior Airman Karl Ambrosio told us, “To be completely honest my friends needed a fourth person so I figured I’d join.” 

This is the first time both airmen are participating in this challenge, a challenge that’s been around for two years now.

Peacock said, “Last year was a huge hit. We had about 150 people last year and over half of those people finished the challenge. That’s some of the things we run into with anything lifestyle, weight loss after January people fall off the wagon.” 

But these guys are committed, focusing on not just losing weight or gaining muscle but also on eating healthy.

Airman Ambrosio told us, “It’s definitely difficult to maintain it every single day but as far as if you have fitness goals, I’d say the diet is the biggest part.” 

To make sure everyone stays on track, Peacock uses a bod pod. 

She said, “Instead of just the scale, it’s going to show us, this is how you need to eat as well. So not only does it tell us this is how much you weigh but this is how much body fat percentage you have.” 

This challenge is about more than just a number on the scale, it’s about making sure each and every airman is healthy and fit, and able to complete their mission. 

Stay tuned, if you’ve ever wondered what the air force does with aircraft when their flying days are over, we’ll show you in next week’s Sheppard Profile.

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