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When you hear the sounds of sirens, that means that help is on its way and Sheppard Air Force Base firefighters are always here to help.

Lead Firefighter, Jonathan Sprague told us, “One of the major things we get called out for is medicals, all the medicals on base we get called out for, and we’re the busiest airfield in the air force.” 

Medical calls are just one of the many things these firefighters respond to, “We have the Sparky’s trailer that we take with us and we take it to all elementary schools in Wichita Falls,” Sheppard firefighter, Cory Brinkley continued to tell us.

With the Sparky’s trailer, they teach students how to react if they see any one of these in their homes, Sheppard firefighters are also here to assist the city. 

Sprague said, “We have an automatic aid with Wichita Falls, where if they get called for any structure fires or anything like that in our area, we will automatically respond to them and then if we need them for anything, they’ll automatically respond on base and help us doing whatever we need also.” 

“We are here 24/7 so a lot of times volunteer departments are at work during the day,” Brinkley told us. “Their manpower is at work during the day, so we’re here 24/7 so we can get on a truck and get out there, maybe get a stop on it quicker than most volunteer departments have to wait a few minutes for somebody to arrive and show up and help.” 

Especially during the wildfire season, these guys are ready to help the surrounding communities, however, they can.

Brinkley continued to tell us, “We respond a lot of times with our tinder, it’s a 4-thousand gallon truck that we respond out to the volunteer departments to help refill their trucks.” 

From saving lives on base to assisting other firefighters off base, Sheppard firefighters will continue to be there whenever and wherever help is needed. 

Firefighters say especially during this dry weather, with winds and low humidity, avoid starting controlled burns and don’t throw out your cigarettes. 

Stay tuned for next weeks Sheppard Profile as we take a look at a special report on the air force’s Country Sponsor Program, a program that helps many international airmen feel at home right here in Wichita Falls.

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