WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A man accused of shooting his stepfather is jailed again.

Jordy Onstead-Donley, a suspect in the shooting of his stepfather in Iowa Park, was jailed again for allegedly violating his bond and a protective order.

According to court documents, Onstead-Donley has violated the protective order three times. He was arrested on Friday, Feb. 10 and charged with the violations.

According to the arrest warrant, Onstead-Donley was first arrested on Jan. 16. 2023 and since that date, has been arrested on two other occasions, resulting in a total of three arrests in fewer than 10 days.

The arrest warrant stated, “Onstead-Donley has shown a pattern of conduct that leads us [police] to believe he will continue to violate the current conditions of his bonds as well as the protective order that is currently in place against him, we feel that the contemplation of more stringent bond conditions could potentially aid in deterring him from further committing offenses.”

The affidavit also said, “We further feel that the bonds previously set, are insufficient as proven by his continuous criminal activity.”

On Jan. 24 law enforcement responded to the 700 block of West Cornelia in Iowa Park for a shooting. They found the victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was transported to the hospital for treatment, where he was listed as “stable” and was expected to recover.

The victim’s wife, Onstead-Donley’s mother, told police the shooting stemmed from an argument between the two men. Onstead-Donley was arrested when he showed up at the hospital with injuries he received during the altercation. His initial bond was set at $125,000 for aggravated assault.

He was freed from jail after his bond for the protective order violation was set at $2,000.