Shooting victim takes stand in Lott trial

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This afternoon, the Kody Lott murder trial continues out of Fort Worth, where witnesses are going on the stand including the friend of Lauren Landavazo, Makayla Smith.

Lott is charged with murder and aggravated assault. His trial was moved from Wichita Falls on a change of venue motion.

In September 2016 police say Lott shot and killed Lauren Landavazo and wounded her friend Makayla Smith while they were walking home from school.

Makayla testified this morning, Lott made eye contact with her and then turned and grabbed the gun and started firing.

She said she and Lauren began to run, then she then realized Lauren wasn’t next to her. She broke down in tears as she talked about going back to see Lauren’s lifeless body and that is when she realizes she had blood running down her own chest and that she couldn’t speak or breath.

Makayla says she never even thought she might die because she was so worried about Lauren who was lifeless and not responding. Close family friends hope once this end, justice will be served.

“I hope Cody Lott gets the fullest sentence he can…It’s a shame the death penalty can’t be stated….I don’t want him to get insanity because he probably planned it out, probably for a long time.”  said Carol Dodd, Grandmother of Lauren’s boyfriend:

Right now Makayla Smith is testifying in court, we will bring you the latest as soon as it becomes available.  

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