WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — The girlfriend and sister of a murder suspect have been charged with hindering his arrest by sheltering and bringing food to him in a motel room.

Jalaysia White, the mother of suspect Sidney Garcia’s three-year-old, and Denise Meadows, Garcia’s sister, are charged with hindering the arrest of a known felon and are jailed on $20,000 bonds.

Wichita Falls Police Department Special Operations officers said they had a room at the Econo Lodge on 5th Street under surveillance in their effort to locate Garcia, who was wanted for the October 27 murder of Michael Allen on Welch Street.

They had learned of Garcia’s and White’s relationship and put her under surveillance. They said they followed her as she picked up their child at day care and followed her to the Econo Lodge.

On Wednesday and Thursday, November 2nd and 3rd, they said they observed White going into a room on the fourth floor multiple times, sometimes with the child, bringing food.

They said she was acting very discreetly and cautiously when she went in and was driving a car registered to Garcia’s sister, Denise Meadows.

The officers said before going in the room with groceries, she would walk around the entire building, scouting it, then would park the car a distance away in a remote spot.

At about 10 a.m. Thursday, an officer parked in an unmarked unit said he saw a Buick Enclave arrive, driven by Meadows.

He said Meadows was driving very slowly, looking into all the parked cars. He said she saw him, stopped and stared at him for some time.

He said she circled the parking lot three more times, looking at him each time, then finally left the motel.

About an hour later, the officer, who had changed into a different unmarked car, said Meadows returned and began driving through the parking lot again, then stopped in front of his and another officer’s car, blocking his car in and obstructing his view of the room they had under surveillance, and continually looking into his car.

Another officer said Garcia came out of the room covered in a hoodie, and White came out covered with a blanket, and they walked toward the car White had arrived in earlier.

The other officer said when Garcia and White were out of sight, Meadows drove off at a high rate of speed toward the exit.

She was stopped by a patrol unit and detained, and Garcia and White were stopped at gunpoint by other officers as White tried to drive off.