Snake hunters warn parents to increase awareness, caution with increased bites

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Hunters and animal service workers are seeing more and more snakes within the city limits.

Animal Services officials in Wichita Falls said last week there was a report of a snake bite in town. They have also seen an increase in calls regarding snakes, as well as officers dispatched to pick them up.

Wichita Falls resident Katie Stephens has never seen a snake around her house or her mother-in-law’s house before, that was until a little more than a month ago.

“We stepped outside about 12:30 in the afternoon my mother-in-law was going to go to the doctor and she opened the door and all of a sudden she went ‘oh my gosh’ and I said ‘what,’ Stephens said. “she goes ‘do you see what I see?’ and there was about a four-foot long snake curled up next to our hibiscus plant.”

Earlier on Thursday 3-year-old girl was possibly bitten by a snake in Clay County and because of situations like this Rattlesnake Hunters of Texoma co-owner Jay Massey said he is warning parents to be aware.

“If your kids have any toys left outside, unsupervised, basically you want to check those before your kids get into them because that is a shade spot for a snake to sit under,” Massey said. “That’s something the snakes are seeking is shade.”

If someone is bitten by a snake, Peyton’s Project Executive Director Alyssa Cannedy said it is important to start the antivenin process.

“A lot of our bites do occur in the rural areas in our community,” Cannedy said. “The sooner that you receive the antivenin, the sooner that you are going to recover. The sooner you can start your recovery.”

With these tips, Massey and Cannedy said they hope residents will take the necessary steps to stay safe.

Cannedy said education is so important to help prevent snake bites. For more information on that, click here.

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