WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Before the pandemic, downtown Wichita Falls was gaining more momentum than ever, but just like many businesses across the nation, downtown seemed to almost shut down. Well, fast-forward to today, and Downtown WF Development officials are finally seeing signs that the area is back, and thriving more than ever.

This for sure was Downtown Wichita Falls Development’s biggest impact since COVID-19, after years of fighting to get downtown back to what it was, Executive Director, Jana Schmader said the one million dollar economic impact from the St Patrick’s Day Festival, is going to have a significant impact on the future of downtown.

“Downtown you know is definitely back and growing once again,” Schmader said.

Words that Schamder has been waiting to say for quite some time now after having to put a halt to all of the events downtown development hosts each year.

“The momentum is definitely there we definitely see more constant traffic down here the businesses are staying busy development is picking back up,” Schmader said.

And she can confidently say that after this past St Patrick’s Day Festival generated a one million dollars economic impact on the area, which is something Schmader and her team takes pride in.

“It’s huge, people ask us all the time why do you do this, obviously we’re a non-profit it is a fundraiser but making an economic impact in Wichita Falls is something that we truly believe in, it’s why we do these events getting visitors in to spend new dollars flushed into the economy it just helps the city grow overall, so we could not be more ecstatic about that number,” Schmader said.

The St Patrick’s Fest had roughly four thousand attendees along with 25 vendors, and with CajunFest right around the corner, Schmader is expecting an even larger crowd.

“We haven’t been able to hit these numbers since pre-COVID, so you know being able to put these events back on in full force and have everybody come down here, we’re confident that we’ll even surpass St Patrick’s with CajunFest,” Schmader said.

Creating a more vibrant and welcoming place for new visitors.

Schmader said they can’t hold these events alone and could use all the help they can get.
If you would like more information on CajunFest and how to get your tickets, or if you’d like to volunteer for the event, click here.