WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Though there is always a rush to the stores when a new storm is on the way to Texoma, most people still seem to be finding what they need on the shelves, though they may not find their favorite or first choice.

That means store staff members are also rushing to meet the demand.

Allen Smith, the Regional Vice President for United Market Street, said the last few days – especially those leading up to this winter weather – they saw an increase in traffic, which has kept his team quite busy.

“We prepare, we make sure that we bring in your tomatoes, your soups,” Smith said. “A lot of the times, we will bring in wood, we’ll bring in different things because we know that it’s gonna get cold, and we know that we’re gonna get a rush.”

This also means a lot of essential items are making their way off the shelves and into carts.

“You’re seeing the soups, you’re seeing the Ramen noodles, you’re seeing the water, you’re seeing any of the products, that they can grab and have at their house for just a few days just in case they do get snowed,” Smith said. “I don’t think that happens to us quite often, but if it does, they want to make sure that they have that product.”

Because of this demand, Smith said they are running low on a few of these items due to manufacturing delays.

“We are having trouble with some of the soups, we are having trouble with some of the juices,” Smith said.

Over on Kemp Boulevard, O’Reilly Auto Parts is in a similar situation.

“We’re actually all sold out at this location of all our ice melt, de-icer,” O’Reilly Auto Parts’ Store Manager Trenton Bailey said.

Bailey said he is still working to get those products restocked as soon as possible, though.

“Every morning when we come in, we’re checking to see if our distribution centers have any ice melt or any more stuff to put on the windshield or scrapers – all the essentials basically,” Bailey said.

Both Bailey and Smith urge customers to be patient as they and their staff work hard to keep the shelves stocked.

If one item is not available, the stores are doing their best to find alternative items.

They’re also doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their team members as well in this hazardous weather.