Storm damage sweeps across Texoma

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The Wednesday thunderstorm across Texoma brought some major damage to homeowners and businesses around the area.

The main thing that caused damage from this storm was the wind. Blowing parts or all of roofs off which can then lead to water damage from the rain, so the days, and possibly even weeks, following storms can be very busy for cleaning and roofing companies.

With storms like the one that came through, the owner of Wichita Roofing and Construction Robert Bollinger knows what kind of damage he can expect to get calls about.

“Patios, flat roofs get a good beating in storms like this,” Bollinger said. “They get caught and the material just kind of lifts off and folds over so you get a lot of that. Carports. Anything the wind can get under and suck off.”

And when a storm is expected places, like Servepro, have crews on standby because those calls about damage can start to come in at any time.

“A lot of the calls come in overnight when people get up and they start noticing water damage in their house,” Servepro sales and marketing representative Tyler Watts said. “We usually get a lot of calls from ceiling leaks and rooftop leaks and things like that.”

While working through the night can be hard, those crews know these situations are very difficult for the homeowners

“The most intense part of the process is for the homeowner. It stresses them out,” Watts said. “Not usually going through things like this, so at the same time we are trying to remediate the water damage, we also have to be there for the homeowner. You have to ensure them we know what we are doing, there’s a process to it and that the process works.”

While cleanup from the storm is underway, for some it may be a while before their roof gets repaired.

“I was surprised they started kind of late this morning. I got a couple this morning and that was it and now they are more or less steadily calling in,” Bollinger said. “People will be calling for the next two weeks or longer. A lot won’t call for a week or more until they have their insurance company come out.”

For some the cleanup from the storm is close to over, but for others who had a lot of damage done to their roof, it is just getting started.

Watts said he expects a few more calls to come in over the next few days from people who either didn’t notice the water damage or from people who didn’t want to deal with it until after the holidays.

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