WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — An 18-year-old Wichita Falls High School student is charged with sexual assaults of two 16-year-old female students, in December of 2022 and January of 2023.

WFPD was notified in February about an alleged sexual assault of a 16-year-old student at school on January 30.

The victim was taken to Patsy’s House for a forensic interview. She said Jorge Maldonado contacted her by Snapchat the day before and he told her to meet him during third period the next day, Monday.

The victim said they met in the hallway and he told her to follow her into an empty classroom where she asked him what they were doing and that she was scared.

She said he began to kiss her then began groping her and she told him numerous times she didn’t want to do this, but he continued, then pulled her pants off and assaulted her while she again told him no. She said afterward, he hugged her and apologized and told her he was sorry and that “I don’t know why I do this.”

Police said the victim told three people what happened and interviews of those people were all consistent with the victim’s version.

Police said during a WFISD investigation Maldonado admitted he touched the victim’s buttocks but nothing else happened.

Investigators also said camera footage in the school corroborated that the two met in the hallway and went into a classroom for almost 20 minutes, and it shows the demeanor of the victim changed between entering and coming out.

The WFPD officer said Maldonado refused to answer questions and said he had a lawyer.
Maldonado was arrested on March 1 for sexual assault and released on bail the next day.

The day after his release, another sexual assault report was made by WFISD to WFPD about alleged assaults of another victim the previous year.

A second 16-year-old victim was interviewed and admitted to having consensual sex with Maldonado. She said he became aggressive and she got scared. She said there had been two or three other incidents that were not consensual at school, including one three months earlier when they were on the first-floor stairwell and Maldonado pulled her by the hair and grabbed her around the neck and pushed her against the wall.

She said she told him no but he began grabbing and groping her under her clothes. She said she tried to push him off but he pushed back and she hit her head on the wall.

She said she began hitting him on his throat but he continued his assault, then apologized and left.

Police said this incident was also corroborated by several other individuals.

Maldonado was arrested again for sexual assault on Wednesday, May 24.