WICHITA FALLS, TX. (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls man is jailed on $100,000 bond after police said he pulled a pistol after a hospital security officer separated him and another man who had been fighting behind URHC Bridwell Tower on 12th Street.

Desmond Sanders, 19, is charged with aggravated assault and tampering with a gun serial number.

The security officer told police when he went to investigate the disturbance, Sanders was standing over the other man sitting on the curb. He said while he was trying to separate them, Sanders pulled a silver revolver from his pants.

Desmond Sanders Wichita County Jail Booking photo

The security officer then pulled his gun and said Sanders dropped his.

Police arrived and said Sanders told them he had chased the other man because he had stolen from him.

He claimed during the chase the other man threw a gun at him so he picked it up and put it in his pocket and continued the chase. He said he caught up to the man and began hitting him.

He again repeated that he did not have the gun before the chase.

The other man’s version was that he had gone to a friend’s house and Sanders was there and they began arguing and when Sanders came at him he took off running. He said Sanders chased after him and was pointing a gun at him, and he began yelling for help.

An officer found a witness to the chase who said Sanders was pointing a gun at the man he was chasing.

Officers said the serial number of the .38 caliber revolver had been scratched away, and that Sanders said it wasn’t his gun and he had no idea how the number got scratched off.

In 2019, Sanders was charged for burglary and theft of a firearm.