WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A woman police said stabbed her ex-boyfriend three times in the back, inflicting a punctured lung, told officers he was just “playing the victim” in their confrontation over her phone.

Heather Wahlstrom is charged with aggravated assault with a weapon.

When police arrived in the 4300 block of Grandview just before 7 Wednesday night, February 8, they said the victim was on the sidewalk being treated by paramedics for stab wounds and then was taken to the hospital.

They said Wahlstrom was taken into custody in the driveway and they found a bloody kitchen knife on the porch.

A witness, an off-duty deputy who lived next door, said the victim knocked on his door and said he had been stabbed. The deputy called 911 and said he saw Wahlstrom in the front yard holding a knife and ordered her to drop it.

Police said Wahlstrom agreed to answer questions and said she had come to the house to look for a delivery of a phone card and when she didn’t see it on the porch she went inside and the victim was in the shower.

She said the bedroom door was locked so she got a kitchen knife to unlock the door then took the victim’s phone as leverage to get her package and left. She said the victim followed her outside and asked for his phone, and she went back inside to look for her package and said that is when her ex-boyfriend went into a rage and ran into her.

She feared for her safety so she stabbed him three times in the back, and that is when she said he ran outside to “play the victim.”

The victim’s version was that they had broken up in December but still lived together in the house. He said he had deactivated her phone because she wasn’t helping pay bills.

He said he went outside after she took his phone and they argued about the phone card, which he said he was keeping so he could get his phone back.

He said Wahlstrom coaxed him into the laundry room where she tried to tackle him and hit him in the shoulder but he did not realize she had a knife.

He said he then ran outside and tried to get in his truck but she also tried to get in so he ran to the neighbors.

Police said the hospital reported he had a punctured lung and would need staples on his stab wounds.