WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — A Wichita Falls church is working to establish a drug and alcohol treatment home for men.

Eric and Leti Contreras have been working on building the home for the church for about a year. They said since they understand what it’s like to go through those hardships, they want to build people back up to what they were made to be.

“There’s people that don’t have hope. We know that there is hope,” Eric Contreras said.

For Eric and Leti, they know what it’s like to be affected by drugs and alcohol.

“Whenever we first got saved, got clean, we had it in our hearts that we wanted to help others because of our history. God put it in our hearts,” Eric said.

It started with Shattered Chains Recovery Ministry: A faith-based recovery meeting on Fridays.

Then a house went for sale right across the street from Temple of Praise Church and officials planned to make that the new home for the refuge house, a drug and alcohol treatment home for men.

The church purchased the house and got right to work.

“We initially bought the house thinking that it was gonna be minor updates that we needed to do, minor remodels. But when we bought the house we started tearing into stuff to update other stuff and we started running into problems. It’s kind of turned into a bigger project than we anticipated,” Eric said.

That’s why the church will be hosting a music fest on Saturday, Oct. 9, that will include a car show, basketball tournament and cornhole tournament.

“We know the struggle, we know what it’s like to lose what we had and to lose our family and loved ones and what better to help,” Leti said.

There are five bedrooms in the home and the church is looking to get around eight to 16 men depending how many are allowed. And the goal is to help men live and be productive members of society.

“We want to be that beacon of light so to speak of hope to others that are struggling and tell them ‘hey, there’s a way out here. We know a way out and we’d like to guide you in that way which is guiding towards Christ,” Eric said.

“Help them get their social security cards, help them get their birth certificates, what they need to be able to have employment. Things like that that they don’t have because their families are tired,” Leti said.

The Contreras and Temple of Praise Church are hoping to be givers of hope and help men be who they say God created them to be.

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