It’s been more than three years since former Rider football standout Domanic Thraser was gunned down on a Wichita Falls street in June 2015. Since then, one of three defendants has gone to trial and sentenced to 60 years in prison.

The trial began Wednesday for the next murder defendant.

Witnesses included many of the same who testified in Blayne Brooks’ trial including residents near the shooting who heard shots and first responders on the scene back in June 2015.

Witnesses who lived on Yuma Trail near Gunninson Drive the day of the shooting said they were outside or coming home from work when they saw Thrasher in the street or tried to help him as he lay dying.

Thrasher’s cousin now 13-years-old also took the stand Wednesday, telling the jury she was playing basketball outside minutes before the shooting.

Detective Brad Love also testified. He viewed various posts on social media related to the shooting. He also obtained significant information from Thrasher’s phone including texts about a drug buy and a phone number that led to an initial suspect and eventually led him to the three defendants.
Pictures of the crime scene were also presented.

Justin Love was offered a plea bargain of 50 years for murder and could have avoided trial but opted for a trial by jury instead.

Blayne Brooks’ was found guilty in November 2016 and is serving a 60- year prison term.
In April, he lost the appeal of his conviction 

The third defendant, Whitney O’Brien, is expected to testify.

During the Brooks’ trial, O’Brien said Brooks fired the fatal shots after Love yelled for him to shoot Thrasher when he ran without paying for marijuana.

Justin Love showed by little emotions during testimony, but he took notes as each witness took the stand.

No word on if love plans to take the stand during this trial, which Judge Robert Brotherton told jurors to plan up to three weeks to complete.