Texans with eco-friendly cars can get cash back for helping enviornment

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Texans who drive eco-friendly cars could get thousands of dollars back from the state and help the environment at the same time.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has re-opened its alternative fuel incentive program.
Eligible drivers can get a check in the mail from the state for reducing emissions.

Lawmakers funded the program in 2013 but did not renew funding until now.

“You have to purchase a vehicle that qualifies, that the TCEQ has determined is a clean high-tech vehicle and make sure the car is eligible for the rebate,” Plug-In Texas President Russ Keene said. “The dealer calls at the point of sale to help make a reservation for you to reserve those funds, but then it’s up to the purchaser, the car buyer, or leaser to go home, complete the paperwork, mail it in, email it in to TCEQ and you should get a check directly to the customer, to the buyer, in about a month.”

One thousand people with cars running on compressed natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas are eligible for five $1,000 grants.

Two thousand people who drive electric vehicles or hybrids are eligible for $2,500 grants.

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