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Texas Senator John Cornyn Supports Wiretapping Investigation

This afternoon White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer reiterated president Trump's desire for congress to look into the alleged wire-tapping or other surveillance as well as other leaks that could be threatening national security.

In an interview today with CNN, Texas Senator John Cornyn had this to say about the allegations.

Manu Raju, CNN: "Will you also look into this allegation of wiretapping, of the president being wiretapped by President Obama?"
Sen. John Cornyn: "I think all of that is part of the investigation."
Manu Raju, CNN: "Do you believe the president when he says that?"
Sen. John Cornyn: "Like I said it needs an investigation so we can find out what the facts are.  We'll follow the facts wherever they may lead."

Spicer was very clear today that the Trump administration wants a congressional investigation rather than one by the Department of Justice.

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