It may seem difficult searching for a job, not knowing what you would like or where you would fit in but there are places in Texoma that can help with the process.

Places like MyStaf that hosted a job fair Sunday afternoon helping applicants find their perfect match.

“It’s been a great turnout. You never know when you do one of these things,” Bert Huff, Mystaff Owner and President, said. 

This was the first time MyStaf decided to try a job fair on a Sunday. Huff said there were fewer activities keeping them from coming in the door. 

“Right now, we’ve probably got 40 or 50 open orders we’re trying fill and it’s just a challenge to find the qualified candidates that match the skills required by our client companies,” Huff said.  

MyStaf General Manager Denise Williams said you shouldn’t be worried about the cost of using MyStaf because applying is completely free. 

“It cost them their time, possibly a drug screen, and a little bit of time on the computer, and a 15-minute interview with one of our staffing consultants then we will match them with a job that they are happy with,” Williams said. 

Williams also said the work applicant pool is low right now, meaning there are many businesses looking for qualified applicants. 

“There may be some people that are kind of stagnant, don’t feel like they’re growing, don’t feel like there’s any upward mobility, they want to do something different,” Williams said. 

That’s where MyStaf can help by offering different options, most that are full-time jobs. 

“We do entry-level positions, such as general labor,” Huff said. “You know, maybe cleaning up a construction site to a skilled machinist, welders, commercial drivers and just everything in between.” 

If you find you may not have the specific skill set, Huff said they can help point you in the right direction. 

“One of the key things we’re looking for is people with commercial driver license and a lot of companies will help a candidate if they have a valid drivers license, they’ll help that candidate get the commercial license,” Huff said. 

Their main goal at MyStaf, Huff said, is to match people to their ideal job where they will be happy and want to stay long term. 

Most of the jobs they offer are full-time, temp to hire positions but they also provide temporary and part-time jobs.