The American Health Care Act has made it through House Budget Committee, in which a Texoma congressman is a member.

Rep. Jodey Arrington, who serves Young and Throckmorton counties, says he wants to repeal and replace Obamacare, but he thinks lawmakers should consider four amendments that include creating work-requirements for people without dependents who receive Medicaid services.

“Any responsible welfare program must include work requirements,” Arrington said. “The American people are generous and compassionate, and we will always help those who are truly in need – but we expect those who are recipients of the good will to do their part. In an era where 1 in 5 able-bodied adults are refusing to work, as members of Congress, we must find ways to incentivize work to encourage social responsibility and defend our countries limited resources. Let’s encourage personal responsibility and hard work for the sake of the taxpayer and for those who truly need Medicaid.”

Congressman Arrington also wants to give states the flexibility to design their own Medicaid programs,freeze Medicaid expansion sooner than January 1, 2020, as suggested by the AHCA, and lower the threshold of phasing out the ACHA tax-credit under $75,000.

The bill, which is supported by President Donald Trump, will now move to the House Committee on Rules where amendments may be considered prior to the legislation going to the House floor for a vote.