WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Following a big turnout at the recent No Mans Land ESports Tournament, Texoma esports players and owners are thinking about what’s next.

Local esports competitor Caleb Villa and co-owner of Texoma ESports Ryan Puente say they can see Texoma becoming a hub for everything esports.

“Everyone connects to video games in some sort of fashion you know. Whether you’ve played them once or a million times,” said Ryan Puente, Co-Owner of Texoma ESports.

That’s why Puente has been working hard to bring esports events to the area over the past years. His hard work led to the No Man’s Land Esports Tournament, the biggest of its kind brought to the area with over 180 competitors coming out to play.

Caleb Villa says he loves esports so much because it reminds him of actual sporting events.

“If you just like video games and you like sports, this is an event for you because it gets hype, people are screaming just like an actual game,” said Villa.

But the big crowds and attention are not why they do what they do. Puente says they do it simply for the community.

“It really started from the community and it’s for the community,” said Puente.

Villa says watching esports go from a couple of guys playing video games to this, has been a sight to see.

“Its all evolved into something that’s really nice and it’s all because of the community,” said Villa.

Both gamers say they won’t stop here, there will be more of these kinds of tournaments brought to the area.

“I definitely plan on bringing it back and doing it bigger and better than before. So, now I think we all realize like hey we can actually do this and do something pretty special here so long as we can keep having the support of these players and community of Wichita Falls I think the sky is the limit,” said Puente.

Puente says they’ve already begun planning their next tournament and he hopes to see even more people come out for that next summer and get behind the controllers. You can find more information here.