Texoma Girl May Be The Only Person in U.S. With Rare Disease

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A young girl who is seriously ill with an illness doctors haven’t even been able to diagnose is getting support from unlikely sources, two rival schools and their fans.

Family members have not yet pinpointed what is afflicting Morgan Larance of Bryson, her family said one day she was playful, active student, the next she was found unresponsive in her bedroom.

Before January 19th, Morgan was a very active 14-year-old at Bryson High School, with basketball, volleyball and cheerleading. Then, all that came to an abrupt end.

“I found her Friday, when I came home from lunch,” said Morgan’s mom Jennifer Kimbro. “I knew she had had the symptoms, but from Thursday to be super duper fine and find her like that Friday.”

“She was still breathing, but she never woke up.”

She was rushed to Cook Childrens Hospital where doctors are still trying to diagnose the cause. Whatever it is,  they believe is causing her immune system to attack her brain instead of fighting  viruses in her body. Until they know the cause they are limited to treating the symptoms, not the source. And that leaves her family feeling helpless.

“They haven’t really said anything positive about it. Not the specialist, not the neurologist,” Kimbro said. “Having your daughter lay there and you don’t know if she’s hurting or you don’t know if she’s sad or you don’t know if she’s scared. You know that’s tough. And at first if she was even going to make it.”

Kimbro said she’s been at Cook with Morgan every day, and hasn’t been able to work. Tuesday night, rival high schools Bryson and Newcastle came together to support Morgan and her family, with prayers and donations.

“I seen the orange balloons on the sign, and I nearly broke down from it,” said Michael Larance, Morgan’s father.

“It’s going to be OK,” Kimbro said. “It might be long, and it might be hard because she’s still not out of the woods. But I’ll take long and hard, muddy, bumpy, whatever he wants to give me. As long as I got Morgan.”

Morgan’s parents say doctors are leaning towards necrotizing encephalomyelitis, which has only 100 known cases in the world and all but a couple were in Japan, Korea and Taiwan and involved healthy children who suddenly became ill.

Although Morgan has been in a coma, her parents say she has been able to squeeze their hands and move her pelvis and legs.And they are thankful  for everyone that came out to support them.

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