Texoma Lakes at Full Capacity

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It’s official….all three of the city’s reservoirs are now at full capacity.

Lake Arrowhead became the last to reach 100% and Lake Kickapoo has been going over the spillway since late last week.

Lake Kemp reached 100% capacity about 11 days ago. 

This is the first time Arrowhead has been refilled completely since March of 2017.

In June of 2016, both Kemp and Kickapoo were 100% but Arrowhead was just slightly under.

In June of 2015, all three were refilled to capacity for the first time in years.

All three of the lakes have risen a significant amount in the last month.

And to put it in some perspective, when Arrowhead is at 100% capacity, there are more than 230,000-acre-feet of water stored.

At the low point of the drought, there were only 48,000-acre-feet left in the lake at around 20% full.

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