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Wichita County Assistant District Attorney Dobie Kosub and Wichita Falls attorney Jeff McKnight are vying for the job of 30th District Judge. Both say they are the conservative and fair choice for Wichita County voters.

“I am a Republican and my beliefs are conservative beliefs,” Jeff McKnight stated. “But, at the end of the day, as a judge, the question is: ‘What does the law say?'”

“I myself am a very strong conservative,” said Dobie Kosub. “Our Constitution says what it says. It’s black and white. It’s on the page. It doesn’t change. It is what it is. The laws in our law books, they don’t change when you’re interpreting them.”

Now, it’s up to Wichita County voters to interpret both men’s experience and cast their vote, for whom they believe will be the best pick for the 30th judicial district.
“It started here at the Wichita County District Attorney’s Office,” explained Kosub, referring to where his career in law began.  “I was assigned to the juvenile section. I was the only juvenile prosecutor. I spent the first year of my career in the juvenile code, which is in the family code.  So, I had practiced family law for a whole year. We then had some movement in our office and I was moved directly to the 78th District Court, and I stayed there and I’ve stayed there since. I have added duties. I’ve become the chief of the Drug Enforcement Division, focusing on drug suppression and drug investigations.”

McKnight reflected on his career as well and why he chose Texoma to live and work.

“I started off in the Collin County District Attorney’s Office and I was there for a little over a year and a half. And ultimately, my wife and I knew that the Metroplex was not where we wanted to raise kids,” said McKnight. “My wife is originally from the Wichita Falls area. So, this is ultimately where we decided where we wanted to be. I took a job at the Wichita County District Attorney’s Office; ultimately, I felt the call to private practice. My private practice consists of civil litigation. So, I represent businesses, individuals, plaintiffs, defendants. I’ve represented moms, dad and we do criminal work. I’ve served as a special prosecutor as well.”

Both McKnight and Kosub believe their own experience has prepared them to sit on the bench.

“The leadership in this court needs to be somebody who has stood before these 12 chairs occupied by people,” Kosub said, pointing to the jury box behind him. “And I have done that. I’ve been on a trial team in district court over 75 times. And this court needs that type of leadership. And that’s why I think I should be selected to be the next judge of the 30th District Court.

“The voters, they may never find themselves in a district court. But if they do, do they want a judge that is experienced in every area of the law that comes before the court or that’s experienced in one area of the law that amounts to approximately 31 percent of the court’s docket?,” McKnight asked. “I believe I’m the candidate that fits the bill the best and I’m asking for people’s vote,” said McKnight.

Both McKnight and Kosub acknowledge what may make voter’s decision tough, is that unlike a mayoral or presidential race, the code of ethics for judges does not allow for general comments on how laws would be applied. It’s all based on evidence.

For more on Dobie Kosub, click here. For more on Jeff McKnight, click here.

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