Very early Monday morning, around 3,000 flags were placed on the graves of the veterans who are laid to rest at the Crestview Memorial Park.

Monday, the nation pauses to remember all those who died while fighting for our country.

Family Service manager Monte Lee said, “It’s very important to remember the veterans that have served their country, but more importantly the ones that gave their lives for our country, because without them and their sacrifice, none of us would have the freedom we have today,” and freedom isn’t free. 

Right here in Texoma, many, like Eugene Hair, spent part of their day at Crestview Memorial Park visiting their loved ones. 

He told us, “I have a friend that’s a veteran that’s buried right next to him there, I enjoy coming out here and seeing the flags on all the military men’s graves, and I like to see one on his grave. I see his boys all the time at the football games.” 

Hair also told us that this is a tradition for him. “We come out here every Memorial Day to see all the flags.” 

Every Memorial Day, many come out to honor a World War Two Medal of Honor recipient laid to rest in Wichita Falls.

Lee said, “Thomas Fowler was a local resident of Wichita Falls, graduated from Texas A&M, and was awarded the Medal of Honor, and so being one of only two here at Crestview, it’s important for us to honor his memory every year.” 

Lee also said that every year, dozens come out to pay their respects. 

Hair finished by telling us, “It just amazes me that there’s people that think enough of our military men that have given everything in the world for us to be able to do what we do, and I love to see all of these flags.” 

More than 3,000 of them, at Crestview Memorial Park, waving over thousands of veterans grave sites, so those who are still with us know their family members service and sacrifice will never be forgotten.