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The influenza virus is running rampant through the state of Texas and in Texoma.

Over the last few weeks, Texas and here in Texoma have seen a major increase in the flu virus.

According to Walgreen’s Flu Index, Texas is currently ranked number three in the nation for flu activity.

Physicians Assistant Christopher Wallace with Affordacare Urgent Care said this year has been different than the last few years.

“It’s back on track to what it used to be where flu season was kind of peaked in February. So we are kind of going back to where it was. The past couple of years it started as early as fall. So, we are back to about normal,” Wallace said.

If you end up getting the flu, Wallace said there is a quick and easy test they do to tell if you have the flu. It is also important to come in and take the test during the earlier portion of your symptoms.

“The rapid flu test. It is a nasal swab. They have to go pretty far back but it will tell you whether you have flu A or flu B those are the top two that we check for and it’s a pretty accurate test as well. Important to do because we can get you started on medication if you come in within those first 24 to 48 hours. The medications that are available for the flu work best,” Wallace said.

Kaylee Matthews got the flu for the first time three years ago and since then, she said she’s been taking preventative measures.

“I hadn’t had a flu shot, and that’s actually when I started taking flu shots is after I had the flu. Because after I had it, I definitely didn’t want it again,” Matthews said. 

Urgent cares and hospitals hope you will take the necessary steps to hopefully help lower these flu totals.

United Regional has seen an increase each month in their flu numbers:

  1.     December saw 24 positive flu cases.
  2.     January saw 112 flu cases.
  3.     In the first five days in February they saw 75 flu cases.    

United Regional also urges everyone to get your flu shot if they haven’t already.

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